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Founder & Creator

Jordan White is from a small town in the Florida panhandle. In 2010 he took a leap of faith and relocated to Atlanta, Ga. He created the Kolors brand as an avenue to promote unity and cultivate conversations between people of all walks of life. 

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About Us

Kolors Apparel is a brand created by Jordan T. White developed to spark conversations and cultivate positive interactions between people from of all walks of life. The Kolors concept involves creative word play paired with color coordination to encourage others not to judge people based off of their appearance. 

The Kolors brand will tear down the walls of hate, mistreatment, fear and judgement. People will begin to communicate, socialize create friendships and form bonds with strangers within minutes. Most importantly Kolors will make you feel like a part of a family without a shared last name, but instead the commonality of all being a member of the human race. 

We strive to provide exceptional customer service and high quality products with every item we create. We believe in creating the top quality possible for our customers.

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